"Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time."
I'm enjoying taking the long way around. 
I love the idea that when we try to focus on thinking, and where we are going, we can’t actually do it.

That the idea of thinking time is really beyond the bounds of possibility, the time in which we think best, in which we are able to generate creative ideas and thoughts towards our goals, are when we are paying the least attention to thinking.
When we turn our brains to "on” when we schedule in thoughts, we often don’t make the progress we were hoping for. Its only in the off setting, that we can really achieve “time on"
Its that moment right before you fall asleep, when your brain is virtually clear of clutter, that you have an epiphany. Or if you are David Foster Wallace writing The Pale King you describe the moment of your best thoughts -
"Riding the CTA train and stargin at both the passing scene and my own faint reflection superimposed on it in the window"
In Japan, I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of using the Onsen (a Japanese hot mineral bath, in a bathhouse type setting) every evening.
Its a wonderful treat as you sit completely naked in 45c water wrapped in the sounds of silence.
Its truly some of the best ‘time on’ 
Having free time has allowed me to have so much more “time on” for my brain.  I have the time and intention to follow the long meandering route to get to my destination. Facinantingly enough, my circuitous path has allowed me to be more productive and more insightful. Those moments of “Time On” are truly a gift. 
Silly side note, some of the most spectacular onsens I've been to were just recently in Yudanaka where the monkeys use onsen!
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