"Everything I ever let go of has claw marks on it"
- David Foster Wallace
I quit Google. 
It’s hard for me to believe, that after 5 years of hard work, 5 years of dedication, and 5 years of singular focus, I immediately find myself in a completely different headspace. 
It was time for me to go on a new journey. To leave Singapore (picture above is on the river) my home for the last 3 years.
I've spent my entire adult life optimizing for 'winning at work'. Focusing on getting promoted, making more money, being successful, getting patted on the back. I'm happy and proud of where this journey has taken me, but I'm ready for a new one.
Thats is where timeon.org comes in. This will be my new home. 
Here I am going to document the journey of better understanding life.
I'll optimize for meaning, not for work. 
More on all of this later, but for now I wanted to share the goodbye email I wrote to the fellow Googlers I spent +15% of my life with. 
Goodbye to Google, and a hello to timeon.org
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