A certain amount of reverie is good, like a narcotic in discreet doses. It soothes the fever, occasionally high, of the brain at work, and produces in the mind a soft, fresh vapor that corrects the all too angular contours of pure thought, fills up the gaps and intervals here and there, binds them together, and dulls the sharp corners of ideas. But too much reverie submerges and drowns. Thought is the labor of the intellect, reverie it's pleasure. To replace thought with reverie is to confound poison with nourishment.
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables
I haven't shared anything in so long. Months. Many Months.
It's be nice to continue to change pace, to play around with my habits, style, life, goals, vision, focus, and just being very very all over the place.
I loved the space. I love daydreaming and just letting my ............................
But now, my internals are telling me its time to start opening up again:

1) I'm going to live in Toronto for the near future and try to build a business...and I have an endless amount of feelings about that change.
2) I've still been writing for the past while and can use this as a nice opportunity to reflect on my thoughts / internal protestations and share them in a sorta backwards looking Tarantino esq  + addendum format. So we will see how that goes.
3) Yay, experiments.
............................ thoughts swim all over the place. But, I've learned that for me a certain level of discipline facilitates an effective learning and growing process. My goal is to build rules to form the framework for my expression. Then break them and re-build.
I'm under a week into the real beginning of journey in Toronto. Time to build some rules.
First up, back to waking up at 5:30am :) 
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