Life's lived best when scrolling least
Andrew Savage (Parkay Quarts)
One of the best parts about Time On so far is the opportunity to re-invent the role time plays in my life.
Yesterday, I travelled 45 minutes to go to a neighborhood I'd never been to. I went there because it looked cool, and I thought I'd get a haircut along the way.
Seems inconsequential, but its something that never would have fit into my life before. I'm so used to being in a rush. Have to take a taxi, have to do what is convenient, endless plans, running around, constant scrolling. 

(During Time On I've taken 2 taxis in 22 days, both because I had last minute plans and had to rush somewhere)
Without having to hurry, I can redefine what is a meaningful and valuable day to me. I can discover where my time is best spent. Before, a day in my life had to be about accomplishing tasks, now I can focus on enjoying the complete moment in isolation. I don't have to worry about what else I need to cram into that moment. I spent Tuesday at the Golden Gate Bridge. I ambled there over a number of hours. And I had a better day than usual, spending my time with the bridge, with the beach, and with San Francisco.
I just got to be there and enjoy.
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